VSPT Wine Group

VSPT Wine Group minskar "carbon footprint" med 4.2% per producerad flaska

Nyhet   •   Aug 22, 2013 14:31 CEST

In 2012, VSPT Wine Group managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 4.2% for each bottle of wine produced. This achievement forms part of the objectives established by the 360° Sustainable program [http://be360.cl/es/], run by the company’s Sustainability Committee. The reduction was due in large part to improvements in operations and advances in energy efficiency.

The 4.2% reduction was calculated considering both scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. In other words, the calculation was made by adding direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the company and indirect emissions generated by third-parties to produce the energy consumed by the company.

Andrea Zwanzger, Head of Sustainable Development at VSPT Wine Group explains: “Our carbon footprint includes direct emissions from operations, as well as indirect emissions stemming from energy use associated with the production and transportation of raw materials, supplies, and personnel. We have been developing this roadmap for the past three years, and it is gratifying to see concrete progress and know we are contributing significantly to environmental conservation.”

Some of the many VSPT Wine Group energy efficiency initiatives include: insulating tanks to avoid ambient energy loss; installing solar-powered lamps (Solartube) and solar panels to heat water in Isla de Maipo and Molina wineries; replacing existing motors with more energy-efficient and low-consumption motors; insulating pipes; updating technology to create a more rational irrigation strategy; and changing the bottles for light-weight eco-glass, as well as other projects that improve the operational processes of the winemaking group.