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We are a part of SUST

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 09:00 CEST

We are proud!

The project "100koll" done for E.ON is a perfect example of an innovation made accessible to many and that also changes peoples every day life.

The latest results shows 17% energy savings with our solution. This is truly an innovation by definition.

Close the gap

There is a gap between development and market introduction a.k.a "the walley of death". One of SUST goals is to bridge that gap. It matches our goals well. We close gaps. Therefore we chose to engage in SUST in order for us to give back. We can help develop processes and tools for the commercialisation of innovations. This is very much needed in the utility sector where we operate.

SUST is funded by leading companies in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency and the results from this cooperation are environmental gains, financial savings and efficient energy usage. Since we talk about the need for customer and community engagement towards becoming what we call "Energy Citizen", SUST goals match ours.

Project with JM

We have an on-going project, together with JM. An innovation, soon accessible to many. We monitor progress closely and we anticipate the test results from Mälardalens University in the beginning of 2013.