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Welcome to the new

Nyhet   •   Jun 27, 2019 13:18 CEST

We at Name ISP have now launched the new version of our website, which is version number 8 for us. At the same time, we will also update our logo and graphic profile.

We are very happy and pleased to present our new site, which is faster and easier than ever. Mainly, the new site means a refreshed design, but also the technical platform has gained a boost - which will simply increase the performance.

In addition to faster loading times and improved content, we are also happy to highlight our new top-level domain information page (read more below), the page for upcoming top-level domains and our new SSL certificate offer.

New logo and graphic profile
Apparently, we have also switched to a new, modernized version of our logo. The red color remains, but in a lighter and fresher shade. Our previous frame around the logo is gone, which symbolizes a new time and that Name ISP will in the future take the turns more in its offer.

New top-level domain page
In connection with the launch of our new website, we have also taken the opportunity to renovate our site for all the top-level domains. Faster, easier and more detailed. On new you will now find a TLD page with "instant search", to be able to quickly search for different top-level domains and see, for example, regulations and information about agreements or documents. A good tool when looking for information about a specific top-level domain.

There is also a section on this page for more detailed information, such as what applies to the number of allowed name servers, number of characters, DNSSEC, IDN and more.