Whyred fourth Art Project 'La Vitesse Et La Pierre'

Nyhet   •   Dec 03, 2009 11:16 CET

Whyred presents its fourth collaboration in the Art Project series with the short movie ‘La Vitesse Et La Pierre’, by film director Igor Zimmermann and photographer duo Frode Fjerdingstad and Marcus Palmqvist.

'La Vitesse Et La Pierre' is an epic short film created with audio and still images. A film about the restrained Iris and the fleeting Bernard and the solitude that unites them.

The filmmakers wanted to make the process into an adventure. The film is shot in Western Sahara, Stockholm, Sweden and Norway. Along the 3000 kilometres, which they drove through West Africa, they slept in the trunk of their car outside deserted towns, burned shoes in the desert and had long discussions with African border police, about whether photography can be art. This was to explain why they had 30 kilograms blue dye in the luggage.

'La Vitesse Et La Pierre' is the result of an experiment that explores the intersection of film and photography.

- The boundaries between the traditional roles of director, photographer and actor in this production are dissolved. The result is a humorous, poetic and highly visual journey, says the trio.

Whyred has always had art as one of the three corner stones of its heritage - art, music, tailoring - and this project is the fourth in a series of collaborations with various artists.

- Our Art Projects have all been different in nature. The artists who speak to us are strong and independent in their field but who share our basic philosophy, ‘says Roland Hjort, head of design at Whyred.

- The film world premiered at the prestigious festival, A Shaded View on Fashion Film on 25-27 September in Paris. In Sweden it will be unveiled on 13 November on Whyred’s website.

Whyred is closely connected to the art world, and art has constantly been an important source of inspiration. The name Whyred comes from one of Sweden's most famous artists Sven X: et Erixon, grandfather of Roland Hjort. X: et was once asked in an interview about his favourite colour. Baffled he said "red". When the journalist asked, "Why red?", X: et Erixon replied: "Well ...blue then". This anecdote lies behind Whyred’s progressive design philosophy, which, combined with a foundation in modernism, strives for innovation. Whyred has over the years collaborated with eminent artists such as Jockum Nordström, Roger Andersson and Jonas Nobel.

View ‘La Vitess Et La Pierre’ at www.whyred.com.


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