Conveyor 22 AB

World’s most compact electric conveyor from Conveyor 22

Nyhet   •   Jan 11, 2018 10:54 CET

Electric linear conveyor maker Conveyor 22 AB launch its new model Black Line 181, world’s most compact electric conveyor with dimension 271x118x38 mm, loading capacity 5 kg and sound level 60dB(A).

Today, more and more manufacturing machines are designed to be compact and smart to cope with Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things. Then occurring one common issue, there is not much space left for integrating or built-in the accessories e.g. output device. In addition, everyone is facing a higher demand for being digitalized. Conveyor 22’s conveyor solution meets all these challenges.

Lars Sandberg, the conveyor inventor, introduces: When I constructed my first conveyor, I keep in mind of using clean energy, building compact size, having possibility to operate conveyor with PLC. So we were very pioneering back 10 years ago, be small and smart.

We always receive requests for a smaller unit from tool makers, machine builders and automation engineers. In order to better meet market needs, we now present "Black Line 181". This is the third time we create the world's smallest electric linear conveyor.

After a successful 2017, we are now looking forward to meeting even higher goals in 2018.

Conveyor 22 AB provides solutions to improve manufacturing productivity and simplifies the automation process, contributing to a more sustainable energy system and friendly working environment.