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Yanzi at Embedded World in Nuremberg

News   •   Feb 28, 2011 15:00 CET

Ericsson showcases the Yanzi platform at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, March 1-3, 2011. The demonstration includes several real customer applications with streaming video and sensor data over the 3G wireless Internet. The customer showcase includes a grocery store and a cattle farm in Sweden. Temperature sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras are securely connected to the Yanzi cloud servers, and real-time data is displayed on a smart phone and an iPad at the show.

The evolution of Internet, moving to network connected devices without human intervention, is developing fast. In the next decade, the number of connected objects globally is expected to reach 20 to 50 billion, an order of magnitude larger than in today’s mobile networks. This represents a phenomenal business opportunity for carriers and service providers. To enable communication, ranging from simple best-effort data to real-time video streams over the Internet, Yanzi has developed a scalable server platform that interconnects and manages different devices in a fully automatic way. A smart and user-friendly interface, either via the web or a smart phone, enables an end user to maintain overview and control, regardless of location.

“Yanzi provides a leading edge solution with a focus to address this business opportunity for carriers. With the Intel® Atom™ processor, Yanzi has the foundation for secure, high performance, low power, cost efficient video processing required in next generation M2M applications. The combination of the Yanzi solution running on this processor and the high speed mobile broadband module from Ericsson creates a foundation for carriers to provide new service offerings.” says Lars Ramfelt, CEO and Founder of Yanzi networks AB.