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Zagreb- 5 pct more tourist arrivals and overnights in 2012

Nyhet   •   Jul 12, 2012 08:53 CEST

Croatia's tourist sector in the first six months recorded 5.2 percent more tourist arrivals and 5 percent more overnights along the Adriatic coast and in Zagreb in comparison with the corresponding period the year before, however this is only an introduction to what is expected of the tourist sector and efforts must be made so that the number of arrivals and overnights be at least the same as last year and total revenues in tourist sector up by three to five percent, Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic said on Monday.

According to figures presented by the minister at a news conference, a total of 3.6 million tourists visited the Croatian Adriatic area and the capital of Zagreb in the first six months and generated 14.7 million overnights.

The majority of tourists were foreigners, accounting for nearly three million arrivals and 13 million overnight stays. (Hina)