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Zagreb has gained its first Mushroom Museum ever!

Nyhet   •   Jun 03, 2013 15:26 CEST

The newly opened Mushroom Museum

Zagreb has gained its first Mushroom Museum ever. It has been opened on the city’s central square of Ban Josip Jelačić, along with the Educational Centre – “Diversity of the World of Mushrooms”. 

The museum’s founders, the city of Zagreb and the Mushroom Society “Kamilo Blagaić”, followed the long-standing initiative of the scientist, agronomist and greatest authority on mushrooms in Croatia, Romano Božac, D.Sc. to open a museum cum educational facility where visitors will have the opportunity to see lyophilized – live mushrooms in their original shape and natural environment.

With the opening of this museum, Zagreb has become one of the few capital cities which offer its fungi enthusiasts a place to meet and find out everything they want to know about the world of mushrooms. The museum currently features 54 sorts of mushrooms, but by the end of June, when it will open its doors to the general public, it will boast around five thousand exhibits.

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