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1,5 miljoner mänskliga sköldar i Gaza under kriget

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 06, 2010 11:52 CET

1,5 miljoner mänskliga sköldar i Gaza under kriget

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One and a half million human shields (video)

Goldstone said there is “no evidence” that Hamas deliberately hid among civilians.

CNN and other videos prove otherwise.

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Goldstone vs. Talal abu Rahmah on Hamas’ human shields: Whom to

Posted By Richard Landes On 4th January 2010 @ 17:43 In Gaza,
Goldstone Report, Hamas, Media, Pallywood, human shields | 7 Comments

As any serious reader of this blog knows, I don’t have a lot of
respect for Talal abu Rahmah, the seeing of whose [1] rushes (see
below) for September 30, 2000 [2] inspired the term Pallywood. So what
to think when he and another favorite unreliable rogue in my gallery

The Goldstone Report, at paragraph 481, takes up the subject of
whether Hamas deliberately hid among civilians.

481. On the basis of the information it gathered, the Mission is
unable to form an opinion on the exact nature or the intensity
[emphasis added] of their [Hamas’] combat activities in urban
residential areas that would have placed the civilian population and
civilian objects at risk of attack. While reports reviewed by the
Mission credibly indicate that members of Palestinian armed groups
were not always dressed in a way that distinguished them from
civilians, the Mission found no evidence that Palestinian combatants
mingled with the civilian population with the intention of shielding
themselves from attack [emphasis added].

Moshe Halbertal in “The Goldstone Illusion,” not an author known for
his sarcasm, remarks on Goldstone’s cautious conclusion:

The reader of such a sentence might well wonder what its author means.
Did Hamas militants not wear their uniforms because they were
inconveniently at the laundry? What other reasons for wearing civilian
clothes could they have had, if not for deliberately sheltering
themselves among the civilians?

So imagine my surprise when I ran across the following gem from Talal
abu Rahmah in a phone interview with a CNN reporter on January 2,

Hamas, they are under cover, all of them they are civilians now, you
don’t see any militants around you, even the cars I don’t know if the
car in front of me or in the back of me, if it’s a target or not.

Whom to believe?

Here I think Talal has told us the truth. Why? Partly because he’s
showing off. “This is really difficult and scary. I have to do my job,
what can I do. Now Hamas…” After presenting himself as a brave
journalist who has to do what he must, he jumps on Hamas’ contrasting

But also, I think he tells us this in part because he thinks the
journalist interviewing him is too stupid to notice what a revelation
he’s handed her.

And he’s right. Her next question is not: “So Hamas is hiding among
civilians and endangering the population? That’s a war crime. How do
people feel about that?” Instead it’s the kind of nauseating
experiential post-modern journalism that the Gaza war was full of,
where the interviewer gives Talal a platform to vaunt his courage, his
“in-his-blood” journalism, and the dangers he runs.

Tell us more about how it feels, Talal, send us more pictures, and
stay safe. Why without you, we might have to think.