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100% recycled inner-tubes at The P Concept Shop

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 29, 2010 14:17 CEST

The P Concept was the first retailer in Scandinavia to carry these eco friendly products. We are now also offering a wide range of products online at

Hell’s Kitchen, 100% chic recycle; The Diabolic Brand

Hell’s Kitchen takes its inspiration from the infamous district in New York, one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city, in creating its 100% chic recycle designs starting with recycled inner- tubes. Designer Marco Lai and his Diabolic Brand, has the recipe to make irresistible bags, helmets and urban-chic accessories with appetizing names such as Spaghetti, Maccheroni, Raviolo. All of Hell’s Kitchen’s products are MADE in ITALY and delivered in the most Italian and original of boxes: the pizza box!

Unique items

There are no copies of any one Hell’s Kitchen product: they are all one-of-a-kind. Each unique item is symbolically “branded” with a puncture repair patch and sewn together with used materials such as inner-tube, vintage shirts and car seat-belts. It shows authentic signs of wear and thousands of kilometres travelled. Each minor imperfection is symbolic of its soul: singular and irreplaceable... just like you.

Captivating, practical and long-lasting

Designed for travelling in style through the city, every item is light, robust, waterproof and practical. From design to production, Hell’s Kitchen is synonymous with quality manufacturing and technical reliability. Every piece is lightweight, hardwearing, weatherproof and resistant to scratches, rain and dirt. Soap, water and a piece of woollen cloth are all that are needed to clean and maintain the authentic look of each item.

100% chic recycle

Inner-tubes are very difficult to dispose of and Hell’s Kitchen is committed to safeguarding nature and creating products designed to last a lifetime. The 100% chic recycle philosophy isn’t just limited to the re-use and manufacturing of such items, but is also a commitment to continual re-cycling and the promise of a customer care warranty which covers small repairs.

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