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1000 teddybears airdrop over Minsk in free speech campaign

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 05, 2012 12:54 CEST

The airlift is part of the campaign for free speech in Belarus which advertising agency Studio Total has been working with 2012 to support the free Belarusian movement for free speech, like Charter 97 and the "Tell the truth" movement.

Belarus is Europes last dictatorship. A land where journalists and the opposition in general are still threatened, jailed or even tortured on a regular basis.

The plane has no permit to enter Belarus, and there is a clear risk of interception of the Belarussian airdefence (one of Europes strongest). No matter how things turn out, we have one goal with this campaign.

That people in the rest of the world visits and supports the brave, funny and cool opposition of Belarus.  Visit