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2:nd Annual Blocktech Awards, Stockholm. January 28, 2016.

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 27, 2016 17:47 CET

The awards ceremony is preceded by presentations from some of Sweden's hottest innovators in the blocktech sector:



XBT Provider


The prize is awarded in three classes.

Blocktech Person of the Year

Blocktech Person of the Year is appointed directly by the BTCX prize commitee. The person will have made a special effort, and worked to increase public understanding, and created good conditions for bitcoin & blockchain technology during the previous year.

Blocktech Company of the Year

The prize committee nominates companies, which through their innovations have contributed to Bitcoins & Blockchain technology versatility over the past year. Anyone is welcome to vote at

People’s Choice Award

As a tribute to the democratic spirit of the blocktech world, enthusiasts and users themselves nominate an individual who has made a contribution to the community and the technology in 2015. From the nominations thee BTCX prize committeee choose a winner.

The prizes for this year's Blocktech Person of the Year and People’s Choice Award will be presented by last year's winners in the two categories: Member of Parliament Mathias Sundin (L) and the Chairman of the Swedish Bitcoin Association Mats Henricson.