26% of Swede´s spend five hours or more on planning their travels

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2019 15:20 CEST

According to the latest survey from Bubotree produced by YouGov about Swedes' travel planning, the results confirm the need for a structured and fun way to plan your trips.

Most Swede´s save their travel tips as screenshots and notes on the phone, followed by handwritten notes. A total of 85% of the respondents spend an hour or more looking for restaurants, activities and accommodation for their journey. 51% spend more than 3 hours and a full 26% spend 5+ hours on this.

-That’s why it’s great to be able to gather the tips and recommendations in a more organized way, says Sandra. With Bubotree you get access to friends travel tips and you can easily plan trips in groups where everyone contributes with their tips. At the destination you get a fantastic overview of your recommendations, saved in one place with a map function that guides you to all saved places. Once you have returned from the trip, you have a saved travel guide to share with friends and acquaintances who will visit your destination in the future.

56% trust friends and family first when it comes to travel recommendations. This when asked the question of who you trust most about travel tips. Websites and travel apps come second with 15%. Only 2 % of the asked target group trust influencers when it comes to travel recommendations.

- The ambassadors we have are unpaid and use Bubotree because they like the service. says Sandra. It´s very important for us to work with influencers who are honest and transparent about their user experience, it’s a trust that we need to preserve for the users. I think there is a shift coming in influencer marketing where people definitely trust the influencers’ own brands but will lose trust in paid collaborations since there are just too many of them.

With over 3300 unique travel tips already in place, Bubotree is a social community and planning tool where you can plan trips and events together with your friends. Almost like a combination of Doodle, Google Maps, Pinterest and Tripadvisor in one.

-It´s overwhelming when you pause for a second and realize what we accomplished in this first year, says Sandra Öfverman CEO Bubotree. I got the idea for Bubotree one evening, in the frustration of how it could be so complicated to plan a trip, especially with others when there are so many websites and online services. Now we have over 3300 unique travel tips on the site. 

The survey was carried out by the opinion and market research company YouGov on behalf of Bubotree. During the period 22-23 May, a total of 1008 interviews via the Internet were conducted with men and women 18 years and older

Bubotree is social community and planning tool where you can plan trips and events together with your friends in an inspiring and social way. Find and share hidden gems with friends and influencers. Bubotree helps you to find inspiration and recommendations you can trust and will help you plan in a structured way. Bubotree is based in Sweden and is free to use. Read more on www.bubotree.com