3gamma whitepaper 'Unleashing IT’s potential – delivering corporate value through agile IT sourcing'

Press Release   •   May 19, 2014 15:19 CEST

In this whitepaper, 3gamma explores how IT can support cost reduction and innovation strategies through a business-oriented, agile approach to IT sourcing. The IT sourcing strategy needs to be viewed as an enabler of the overall corporate strategy. IT sourcing is not something that can be isolated to IT.

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About 3gamma

At 3gamma we believe that "Great business deserves great IT®"

Since 2008, 3gamma has been successfully helping companies through significant organizational change programs, achieving optimal IT and realizing the value of their IT investments. We are highly regarded within ITSM/ITIL, our edge being our ability to transfer key knowledge to the organizations and people we work with, including streamlining processes, raising skills and lifting competence in IT Service Management.

As one of the largest independent specialist in IT Service Management and practical uses of ITIL, we provide consultancy, services and training to many of the world’s most respected companies. Globally positioned and with some of the most intelligent people in the business, we are uniquely suited to help businesses succeed in optimizing the total efficiency and effectiveness of their IS/IT.

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