aPak - The Packaging Company

A-förpackning and Bröderna Ljungquist become aPak.

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2014 13:45 CEST

A-förpackning AB, based in Mölndal, Sweden,
has today announced the merger of its two business units, A-förpackning and Bröderna
Ljungquist into a single entity, aPak AB. The company will continue to operate
under the same Swedish corporate registration number (556025-0846) and the
merger involves no organizational or structural changes to the company.

“Much discussion has gone into this change,”
explains Åke Lindgren, CEO of aPak (A-förpackning). “We have experienced much
crossover between the two business areas, and this has only increased in recent
years. We believe this merger will make our offering more clear and make all of
our products and services more accessible to all clients, large and small. Our
new organization gives all our customers, large and small, domestic and
international, access to our entire range of standard packaging solutions and
products and our industry leading customized solutions as well as full access
to our web shop.”

APak will provide a wide range of packaging
and logistics products and solutions - 
from off-the-shelf service and materials to industry-leading customized
solutions to an equally wide range of customers, including Volvo Group, SKF,
and many others. “In other words,” continues Lindgren, “aPak will do what we
have always done, just with one name instead of two, and on a more expansive

The launch of the new aPak also includes
the launch of a completely revised graphic profile and branding expression as
well as a new website, covering both business areas and the company’s web shop.

“At aPak,” says Lindgren, “we combine all
the benefits and stability of a traditional, family run business with a deep
understanding of modern, global packaging requirements and needs. We believe
that the new name and brand expression is a logical evolution of our previous
name and profile and will put a very visible new face on our strategy to grow
both locally and internationally.”

“We have long advocated a comprehensive and
cohesive approach to logistics and packaging solutions. This business approach
has worked very well over the years, helping customers grow and prosper. Now
our internal organization and branding will reflect the same philosophy.”

APak is a family owned packaging and logistics company headquartered just outside of
Gothenburg, Sweden. APak produces and works with a wide range of packaging
solutions and materials, serving customers throughout Europe, North America,
and China. The company’s customers are comprised primarily of successful
Swedish companies, active both within Sweden and on a global level.