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"A Life Time" Piece - Know when you die

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 23, 2011 19:29 CET

The idea is scary to some - a time piece that displays how many days you have left. Swedish creative company Meyersohn Group on the other hand believes it enhances life. If you estimate that you have 50 years of life left, the watch will display "18,262 days of life".

The idea was submitted to crowd-funding site "FundedByMe" - a Swedish version of the popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Meyersohn Group hopes to raise $28,000 - but will design and produce the watch if they receive a $14,000 funding. The crowd-funding ends in 60 days. 

"I'd love to comment on "A Life Time", but I can't, we're a "Can't Say" company."

- Ruben Flam, owner of Meyersohn Group. 

(The watch in the photo is not the actual design, it's just an idea of how it can look. The watch in the photo is a Uniform Wares 100 Series.)

Meyersohn Group - The "Can't Say" Company