A new survey reveals serious gaps in training for working at heights

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 21, 2014 08:05 CEST

Working at height often entails risks and currently every third workplace accident in Sweden is a fall accident. Despite this, one out of three employees has rarely or even never received information about height risks from their employer, as shown in a new survey commissioned by the fall protection manufacturer Cresto.

According to regulations, the employer is required to provide information about risks and train employees on how to use fall protection. When Cresto asked the industrial and construction sector about workplace safety, one in three replied that they had rarely or never received information about the risks of working at heights.

"Lack of training and incorrect equipment use is often the reason behind accidents. Properly trained employees work more safely and securely. Therefore, continuous training should be more of a priority than it is today. We are putting a lot of effort into creating customised trainings and developing different kinds of materials to increase the use of fall protection," says Patrik Malterling, Cresto's CEO.

High awareness of the law on using fall protection when working in environments with a risk of fallingAccording to the Swedish Working Environment Act, employers are required to protect workers from injury from falling when working at heights. Nine out of ten employees in the industrial and construction sector responded that they are aware of the law. Out of those who have worked for over 20 years in the industry, 16 percent replied that they were not aware of this law. 

Summary of Cresto's survey:

·  Once a year the average employer provides information to employees about the company's policy on the use of fall protection and occupational risks

·  One out of three employees has rarely or even never received information about height risks from their employer

·  Three out of ten get training less often than once a year on how you are supposed to work at heights to avoid accidents

·  Six percent carry out exercises as regularly as once every six months

·  Nine out of ten are aware that using fall protection equipment when there is a risk of falling and for work above 2 metres is a legal requirement

·  Out of those who don't use fall protection, fifty percent replied that they don't use it because it is cumbersome

·  Three out of ten choose not to use fall protection when they are working in a stressful job situation

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Response rate and implementation
The survey was conducted on 249 people employed by Swedish construction companies. Respondents included site managers, project managers, supervisors, project leaders and buyers. This is a web-based survey conducted in December 2013 and January 2014 by Sverige Bygger on behalf of Skydda, which includes the Cresto brand. A majority of respondents (62.39%) have worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years. 64% of respondents work for small and medium sized companies with less than 100 employees. 

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