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A serious accident became the starting point for Emanuel to develop the personal alarm app, Alerty, which has received an honorable mention ”Maskinentreprenören nr 6/2012”.

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 01, 2013 23:40 CEST

On a skiing holiday in the French Alps, Emanuel Vedefors, age 23, fell 90 feet down a steep ravine. After 20 days of unconsciousness, Emanuel woke up to begin the difficult journey back to life. Looking back, Emanuel says: “I had a tremendous luck that they found me in the first place.”. Read more (Swedish newspaper)
His original idea of an easy positioning application, free and available for anyone with a smartphone, has now developed into a complete personal security app.  Most people have their smartphones with them at all times, and with the new Alerty app, they can easily send alerts in case of any emergency. If they are not able to alert themselves, friends and relatives, having the same app, can track them down.
Today, Emanuel’s company Innovation Push offers a personal alarm app, Alerty, designed and developed for personal use, as well as for a business application. A free version for Iphones can already be downloaded from the App Store an Android version will soon also be available.
“It provides security for me and my family to be able to alert if something would happen”, says Emanuel.

Innovation Push AB är ett produktbolag inom mobila applikationer och IT som drivs av tekniska och kreativa innovatörer. Produktutveckling och skräddarsydda lösningar görs i samarbete med konsultföretaget Veprox som hjälper företag att omvandla idéer till färdiga appar. Veprox fick Gasellpriset av Dagens Industri som det nionde bästa tillväxtföretaget i Västra Götaland 2010.

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