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​A Star is Born

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 04, 2019 16:30 CEST

Sprinkle AB began six months ago as an ambitious business idea and is now turning into a powerful, global Fintech investment platform.

The Sprinkle team has been hard at work developing our new business platforms during this early startup phase. We are now growing into a profitable, sustainable, and unique Fintech company. In the coming two months, Sprinkle AB will be unveiling our exciting, new Fintech businesses, including: A Trading Platform; Financial Services Provider; Fragmented Investment Options; among other exciting cryptocurrency platforms. Combining these exciting, new businesses with our active Social Media presence, news outlet channel, and global customer database, we will market these new businesses directly to current and future customers.

The Sprinkle Fusion Business Model™ has been the driving force that has enabled Sprinkle AB to develop these new platforms and businesses to meet the needs of global investors and firms in such a unique way that no one else has been able to accomplish.

In the next week, Sprinkle AB will be releasing their Q1 financial results where management is expecting robust results. As our new businesses launch to the public in the next two months, we expect these results will only grow stronger.

- Sprinkle is very excited about the platforms and businesses we have been developing. We are currently preparing our global launch strategy to release them to the public. I have no doubt that we have created solutions and products that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, says Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB.

About Sprinkle Media

Sprinkle Media works with media communication that is related to raising capital in the real estate and entrepreneurship markets. Through board representation, our deep industry knowledge, our network and our financial strength, we work to help companies become industry leaders. We use the RaiseReach investment platform to offer capital procurement services such as issues, real estate investments and crowd funding.