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A step-by-step strategy for designers to grow their company, don’t be last!

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 31, 2012 15:44 CEST

The best opportunity yet for designers to build the perfect platform and business model is now a reality.

The Design Motion is a rare opportunity for designers who have an established product or product portfolio to expand nationally and internationally.

The Design Motion is a step-by-step approach of a team of professionals who will analyze and build the brand and company strategies with the designer for small fees, and commission based on sales, a perfect win-win situation.

Some of the key activities to build or grow a designer’s business are:
Marketing calendar
Retail strategy
Corporate identity
Online Public Relations
Promotional Materials

The site explains it all

The Design Motion is a GH, Inc company with offices in Stockholm and New York.
Contact GH, Inc for more information;

Headoffice GH, INC
Skeppargatan 35, SE-114 52 Stockholm, Sweden
tel: +46 (0) 8 410 077 42
Contact: Jeroen Gulickx
+46 (0) 70 993 05 50

May 2012

GH, Inc. works closely with the client to understand the current financial, operational and marketing structures. GH, Inc. will look at operations, product lines, distribution channels, contracts, pricing, corporate and the brand profile, as well as all the elements that influence and define the success of the company. In this partnership with the client, GH, Inc will develop and implement a strategic marketing
plan, which will be the base for solid expansion and make marketing the DNA of the organization.
For further information:

Strategic Marketing Planning, International Growth, Strategic Marketing Execution, Creative Direction.