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A Transportive Experience - SamSari Facilitates Leadership Summit

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 09, 2011 12:03 CEST

In a recent collaborative effort, SamSari worked closely with a major transport solutions company to challenge and develop the top 200 leaders attending the organization’s annual leadership summit. For the customer, the challenge was to communicate its long-term vision focused on a more customer oriented way of doing business and to challenge leaders to take part in solutions aimed at realizing this new way of working.  The summit provided an opportunity for leaders to share best practices and insight with their peers through the use of executive presentations, facilitated discussions and hands-on, scenario based dilemmas. The result was a highly engaging and effective two-day learning experience equipping these leaders with the skills and competency needed to return to their teams to impart this vision throughout the organization.

SamSari provides complete implementation solutions for business strategies.

SamSari is a 2010 merger between Act and SamSari. Act, with its solutions and expertise in challenging and developing leaders and companies to achieve their best along with SamSari, bringing knowledge and experience with large scale strategy implementation SamSari now offers companies a trusted way of making strategy happen. Our mission is to energize and facilitate change by challenging and developing leaders, teams and individuals to realize their full potential.

SamSari is owned by Investor (50%), partners (50%) and is part of Operating Investments at Investor AB.