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A year with Svensk Musik

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 30, 2011 10:30 CET has published in depth-essays, much talked about video interviews and spread Swedish music abroad. 

We celebrate a year with . During the past year we have been a natural place for music fans all over the world that wants to discover and bury themselves in Swedish music genres, whether it’s classical, hip hip, techno or jazz. We have asked some of Swedens best music journalists to write in-depth essays that has been discussed frequently in social media. Together with La Vida Locash we have produced video feature where we go behind the music, and talked to some of the different genres greatest representatives. We have answered questions asked by journalists, editors and music fans.

Here are some ot the things we’re most proud of: 

  • We have published essays by Jan Gradvall, Nanushka Yeaman, Kristin Lundell, Carl Reinholdtzon Belfrage, Calle Dernulf and Kalle Malmstedt, about such diverse subjects as metal in Gothenburg, Swedish hip hop, the jazz genre in the 60s and the hardcore scene. 
  • We have produced video feature with amongst others Petter, Death Destruction and Gustaf Ejstes of Dungen. 
  • Each month we have highlighted exciting and original record labels that are trying to do things their own way. Amongst others Flora & Fauna, Hybris, Luxury, Hoob Records and Kning Disk.
  • We have highlighted young Swedish composers and songwriters, amongst others Benjamin Staern, Mattias Lysell, Britta Persson and Sofia Jernberg.
  • On Twitter we have been a natural choice for everyone that wants to keep up to date on Swedish music, and has in only a few months reached almost a thousand dedicated followers. 
  • We have created an unique music directory with all labels, publishers, media and big organizations in the Swedish music business - free for everyone to use! 

Svensk musik will continue to put swedish music in context, and tell the story behind some of our most interesting and biggest bands and artists.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, or if you are looking for tips or advice regarding anything related to Swedish music.


For further information, please contact:

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Niklas Alicki Editor


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Svensk Musik har som uppgift att sprida svensk musik till en ny och större publik utanför landets gränser. Det sker främst genom kommunikation och PR, ofta i samarbete med andra organisationer med närliggande intressen. Svensk Musik utför även katalogisering och arkivering av upphovsrättskyddad musik samt ger stöd till förlag och upphovsmän. Dessutom finns en egen utgivning av musik på skivetiketten Phono Suecia och av noter genom musikförlaget Edition Suecia.