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Abdul Ghafoor, Kabul: "​Why deportations to Afghanistan??"

Press release   •   Apr 23, 2019 00:32 CEST

Abdul Ghafoor, AMASO, Kabul

Abdul Ghafoor driver frivilligorganisationen AMASO (Afganistan Migrants Advice & Support Org) i Kabul. Med små resurser stödjer han flyktingar som utvisats till Afghanistan från Europa - i första hand från de nordiska länderna. Han deltog per distans på konferensen How safe is Afghanistan? 8 oktober 2018. Så här skriver han på sin facebooksida.  

Over 1000 people killed and injured in a month in Afghanistan!

Seems that there is no end to the war in Afghanistan. The peace talk, the Grand jirga and all other national and international initiatives have miserably failed to come to a final conclusion about the future of Afghanistan. Bringing Taliban to the table is not the only solution to bring peace in the country when ISIS has/is gaining more ground every passing day.

The recent number of attacks carried out in Kabul, the latest of which was on the ministry of Communications and Technology killing around 10 people and injuring a dozen more, proves that all the dynamics of war in Afghanistan has changed, and that the government has miserably failed to provide protection to its citizens.

On the other hand, the number of deportations to Afghanistan never seems to be decreasing/ending, but has increased dramatically. Germany on 24th, Sweden on 30th and Austria are all planning mass deportation to Afghanistan in the coming days.

Question is, what will make EU states deporting Afghans realize that the situation in Afghanistan is not what they have assumed? In fact, it is much worse than they have ever thought it would be. So, wouldn't sending Afghans back put their lives at great risk of being injured or killed in one of these regular attacks?

We also realize that the EU states and the Afg government have made the biggest mistake they could ever make by signing shameful tripartite and agreements like the Joint Way Forward to give the assumption that everything is going well in Afghanistan, which it isn't at all. Instead, it is the time for both the parties to realize that the common citizens, supporters of Afghan refugees at both sides, are now clever enough to understand that both the EU and Afg have been lying all the way long and been putting lives of thousands of Afghans in danger by deporting them back to Afghanistan.

Put an end to this madness and stop returning Afghan asylum seekers back to danger.

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