Training Partner Nordic AB


Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 24, 2014 15:56 CET

At work every day is a playoff. Our method to get your people to win more games, are more training. Training that will develop your employees and get them to create more business opportunities. We create training in concrete situations that will build a winning team.

With us, you and your employees train in scenarios that you are able to directly adapt into your everydaylife. Whether you have been on a technical training, sales training or product launch you will have gained the knowledge in such way that allows you to convert the learning’s directly when you get back home, ready for playoff. 

For us, improvement does not come from one isolated moment. Improvement comes from continuous training and repetition. We give you an overview of your company’s competence and create individual training plans for all of your employees. We set realistic goals to increase the participants’ drive and motivation. Prepare yourself for training that will challenge both you and your employees.

Kattarina Lundborg, Site Manager
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Training Partner will help you and your business to not only identify competence required and the competence that already exist. We will also help you develop it. To accelerate it. 
To accelerate the competence that gets the job done today, tomorrow and the day after. Contact us if you are ready to accelerate your competence.