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Accumulate raises new venture capital

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 27, 2010 09:14 CET

Existing owner and new owner PayEx invests over $2 million in Accumulate. The funds will be used for product development and marketing of the company's mobile payment and mobile identification and authentication solutions.

Stockholm, Sweden – January 27, 2010. Accumulate gets a new shareholder when PayEx, a Nordic expert in payments, invests in the mobile technology provider. Together with the existing owners' contribution the company gets over $2 million in new venture capital. Among current owner are the Sixth AP Fund and private investors. The money will be used to further develop the company’s business area for mobile payments and mobile security.

“Accumulates mobile security platform has great potential. PayEx use it for its service "PayEx Mobil" launched in July 2009. "PayEx Mobil" has already many users and the mobile payment solution arouses great interest every time we show it. As one of the leading players in the Nordic market for overall payment services, and now also as a partner and owner in Accumulate, we look forward to many new and exciting commercial projects”, says Krister Fingal, president of PayEx.

Accumulate is a leading technology developer of connected mobile solutions. The company markets two mobile platforms, today with more than 9 million users:
Mobile Everywhere – secure transactions for identification and payments.
Flexion – payment and access and usage rights solutions for mobile retail of content and services.

The company's patented technology Mobile Everywhere (ME) enables innovative payment solutions and identification via mobile phones. In Barcelona in February 2009 Accumulate launched a solution that increases security for credit card purchases on Internet using your mobile phone. Later in 2009 solutions for banks (ME to the Banks) and corporate (ME for Enterprises) were launched. Generally for these solutions are that Accumulate replaces the existing and often costly solutions as for example one-time password via SMS and scratch card, special banking and security boxes or digital certificates. This with a very safe, easy to use, flexible and cost effective solution where the user's existing mobile phone is used as security device.

“Our existing and new owners see a great potential in Accumulates technology. For example, our partnership with PayEx and their mobile payment solution PayEx Mobil has attracted great interest. With our patented technology for mobile payment and identification and the new capital, we can now accelerate the pace of development and opening up in more markets”, says Stefan Hultberg, CEO of Accumulate.

Accumulates English subsidiary, which develops and markets Flexion, have great success with their products for flexible licensing and control of access rights for mobile applications. Examples are payment solutions for online gaming with mobile phones. With Flexion mobile content providers can introduce a more customer responsive and flexible sales process that increases revenue per customer. Its customers include some of the world's largest mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers.

Examples of mobile solutions that Accumulate develops and market:

  • Mobile payments (POS, mobile money transfer, Internet shopping, man-to-machine)
  • Secure login
  • Secure signing
  • Information to mobile (e.g. bank balances, transactions, points)
  • Secure credit card payments
  • Flexible pricing solutions for purchasing to the mobile (ex games, music)
  • Control of access and usage rights

Accumulate One-Time-Ticket (OTT)
Accumulate uses a patented solution, One-Time-Ticket (OTT), for one-times codes. This is easier, more secure and more cost effective than for example OTP (one-time password) and other solutions on the market. With OTT no user information (like user ID and password) is transported or saved over the Internet, and the cost of SMS text messaging and/or separate security devices is saved.

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Accumulate is a leading company in mobile payment and mobile security solutions. Examples are mobile payment, secure login, secure identification and secure card payments. With its patented OTT technology (One Time Ticket) the company helps enterprises with cost effective security and payments services using the mobile as security token.     

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