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Acreo presents breakthrough technique for 100GbE transmission at ECOC 2010

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 09, 2010 16:12 CEST

Acreo will present the breakthrough technique for 100GbE transmission at the upcoming European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) 2010 the 22nd of September. For the first time a successful field transmission demonstration at 112 Gb/s for a complete electrically multiplexed system without any optical equalization has been achieved. The demonstration was carried out by Acreo in Acreo’s national broadband testbed in Kista.

The standard for 100GbE will be adopted in 2010, defining transmission via 4 × 25 Gbit/s. A solution employing 1 x 100 Gbit/s would be cheaper - if the appropriate integrated components were available. These components have now been developed in the European cooperation project HECTO (High-speed Electro-optical Components for integrated Transmitter and receiver in Optical communications) and Acreo has carried out a successful field trial using the transmitter and receiver modules developed in HECTO.

The transmitter comprised a light-intensity modulator module integrated with a laser, an electrical driver amplifier module and an electrical multiplexer module. The receiver comprised a photodiode module and an integrated clock & data recovery and demultiplexer module. A bit-error-rate below the standard error-free threshold was achieved after transmission over 42 km field installed standard single mode fibers.

The field trial results will be presented at ECOC 2010 by Acreo on Wednesday, September 22, during the poster session: J. Li, et al., “112 Gb/s Field Trial of Complete ETDM System Based on Monolithically Integrated Transmitter & Receiver Modules for Use in 100GbE”

About ECOC
The European Conference on Optical Communications, with over 5000 visitors, is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibre-optic communication technology industry. Over 300 companies worldwide will be represented at booths, workshops, and market sessions. www.ecoc2010.org

HECTO has the main objective to develop fully packaged transmitter and receiver modules suitable for optical systems based on serial 100GbE signals. www.hecto.eu

In addition, two more papers involving Acreo related to HECTO dealing with transmitter and receiver module characterizations will also be presented at the conference:

M. Chaciński et al, “Modulation and chirp evaluation of 100 GHz DFB-TWEAM”,
Monday, September 20, Mo.1.F.2

C. Schubert et al., “Characterization of a pin-TWA Photoreceiver in OOK-System Experiments up to 112 Gb/s”, Tuesday, September 21, Tu.3.A.2

Jie Li Senior Scientist, mail: jie.li@acreo.se phone: +46 8 632 77 46

About Acreo
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