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Aifloo is launching the next generation smart security system based on Artificial Intelligence

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 22, 2015 09:00 CEST

Aifloo Smart Care is the next generation of security systems for the elderly and persons with disabilities. The system creates advanced behavioural analysis and sends an alert automatically when assistance is required. It also provides the conditions for residence to prolong independent living at home rather than in a centre for care.

Aifloos digital security systems are based on a self-learning and unique artificial intelligence. The system monitors any deviations in real time. Aifloo Smart Care alarms sound automatically when an accident or a fall occurs. The system also detects if the person is behaving in a confused, disoriented manner, or if they become suddenly ill.

This is a whole new generation of smart welfare, where self-learning artificial intelligence will revolutionize healthcare. This means that the elderly or persons with disabilities may be able to stay in their own homes much longer, says Aifloos CEO, Michael Collaros

Another important advantage is that the system can quickly alert and communicate with home care services or relatives via the Smart Care application.

To have access to this type of security as a relative is a very important function, in order to enable the elderly to continue to live at home, says Felix Etzler, project manager at Aifloo.

Anders Widgren, CTO at Aifloo, says that the system is designed to be very simple to use despite its complex complex structure.

-The Self-learning algorithms that are used to see how people differ from their normal behaviour will be very helpful. Imagine being able to detect a person’s illness immediately and offer medical assistance. Another aim is to detect diseases at a very early state. Aifloo Smart Care could really change home care says Anders Widgren.

Aifloo start pilot operations in the Stockholm area during the late 2015.

Aifloo develop advanced self-learning artificial intelligence for the IoT. The artificial intelligence is inspired by neuroscience and biological processes. Aifloos goal is to provide self-learning artificial intelligence that facilitates and enhances the quality of life for the end consumer. The result is advanced analytical and behavioral models.

At this point Aifloo develops two systems; Aifloo SmartCare. and Aifloo EcoControl

Aifloo is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was accepted to the STING incubator 1 June 2015. STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) was recently appointed as one of the 10 best university incubators in the world.

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