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AIMS International´s globala studie om effektiva kompetenser hos styrelsemedlemmar nu tillgänglig

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 27, 2012 13:57 CEST


Now more than ever in the midst of numerous corporate scandals, Board Members are subject to much scrutiny and their role is becoming increasingly important. Management requires their Board of Directors to contribute to the growth of their company while shareholders are demanding for more controls.

Over the last fifteen years, most advancement in the field of corporate governance have been driven by regulatory changes. For instance, in different countries, the regulators are imposing laws and regulations to the Boards of Directors such as Sarbanes-Oxley, separation of Chair and CEO roles, majority of independent Board Members, diversity requirements, Say on Pay and so on.

There are many other examples of progress in corporate governance. However, one area that remains unexplored is the science behind the professional competencies of Board Members in Board setting. We found that there is very little scientific literature and references addressing specifically the subject. Most publications on corporate governance deal with regulations, structures and duties.

What are the most efficient competencies of a Board Member in a Board setting? AIMS International conducted a research with the objective of establishing a framework to define, in clear terms, these competencies.

  • What are the most efficient competencies in a Board setting?
  • What are the underpinnings of each competency?
  • How can each competency be observed?
  • How can we assess objectively the competencies of a Board Member?
  • How can a new Board Member be assessed during the selection process?


The AIMS International research identified the underpinnings of six core competencies linked to the effectiveness of a Board Member in a Board setting:


  • Commitment and Sense of Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Judgment
  • Sense of Ethics
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team Intelligence 

The research was conducted through the collaboration of the following three partners:

  • Richard Joly, President of AIMS      International Canada. The firm specializes in the recruitment of Board members      and executives. To get an international perspective, AIMS International      conducted face to face interviews with Board Chair and experienced Board Members      of large corporations from seven countries: Canada, Finland, Germany,      Hungary, South Africa, Sweden and United States.
  • Dr. Jean Bédard, Professor at The      College of Corporate Directors, Laval University. The College of Corporate      Directors offers Board Members a unique, top-quality professional certification      program focused on the best practices in governance.
  • Pierre Gauthier, President of Gauthier      Murtada & Partners. The firm offers solutions in assessment, development      and executive coaching. They also provide a wide range of psychometric      tests and rigorous skills assessments.


For a copy of the study - please contact Daniel Ekberg on daniel.ekberg@aimsinternational.se


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