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                                                                                           Roissy, 17 February 2010





On 18 February 2010, Air France's Airbus A380 landed for the first time in Johannesburg after departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 23.30 the night before. This makes Air France the first airline to operate the world's largest passenger aircraft to the African continent.

As from today, the Airbus A380, equipped with 538 seats in three cabin classes – La Première (First), Affaires (Business) and Voyageur (Economy) – will operate three of the ten weekly        Air France services between Paris and Johannesburg up to 28 March 2010.

As from 28 March, Air France will operate seven weekly frequencies between Paris and Johannesburg including 3 by A380 until the third A380 is put into service, scheduled for the end of April. The route will then be entirely operated by A380.

“The entry into service of the A380 between Paris and Johannesburg, just after New York in November 2009, illustrates the importance Air France attaches to its services to Africa and in particular South Africa, where Air France has been present since 1953. It is also a sign of long-term commitment on the part of the Air France-KLM group in this part of the world and of its confidence in the development of exchange between Africa and Europe”, declared Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, CEO of Air France-KLM.

The A380 is the most environment-friendly aircraft ever – with less than 75 grammes of CO2 emitted per passenger per kilometre – and the quietest of its generation. Its wide cabin offers passengers additional comfort and space. On board, Air France has innovated by offering different light intensities adapted to the various flight phases, relaxation areas for passengers to get together and a completely new in-flight entertainment system with wider screens.

The A380’s main deck represents the equivalent of a Boeing 777-200 and the upper deck represents that of an Airbus A340-300. Air France can therefore rationalize its frequencies on its most popular routes such as Paris-Johannesburg and replace two flights leaving within a short time of each other by just one flight, while at the same time offering the same number of seats with a 20% cost reduction.

This inaugural flight symbolizes the strong historical links between Africa and Air France. It also illustrates a spirit of solidarity, an essential value to which our airline is highly committed. The Air France Foundation will be giving part of the proceeds of the auction of seats on board the Paris - New York inaugural flights last November to the François-Xavier Bagnoud association which provides help with education for children with AIDS in Cape Town. This represents close to 70, 000 euros”, added Pierre-Henri Gourgeon.

Air France ordered twelve A380s, two of which have already been delivered. Following New York in November 2009 and Johannesburg in February 2010, Air France will also start operating the A380 to Tokyo in 2010.

Schedules of Paris-Johannesburg flights:

The flight schedules between Paris and Johannesburg provide passengers with rapid connections to the rest of the world from the Paris-Charles De Gaulle hub and to Southern Africa from Johannesburg:

Up to 28 March 2010:

- Paris-Johannesburg: one daily flight (AF990) leaving from CDG 2E at 23:20 and arriving at 10:55 the following day

and three weekly flights (AF994) leaving from CDG 2E at 19:10 and arriving at 06:45 the following day

- Johannesburg-Paris: one daily flight (AF995) leaving at 20:30 and arriving at 06:00 the following day

and three weekly flights (AF997) leaving at 22:55 and arriving at 08:25 the following day

The three flights operated by A380 are flights AF990 on departure from Paris on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and the return flight AF995 on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


As from 28 March:

à Paris-Johannesburg: one daily flight (AF990), leaving from CDG 2E at 23:20, arriving at 09:45 the following day

à Johannesburg-Paris: one daily flight (AF 995), leaving at 19:30, arriving at 06:05 the following day.

3 flights are operated by A380 (see above) until the next A380 is delivered at the end of April.

Together, up to 28 March, Air France and KLM offer 24 weekly services between Paris, Amsterdam and South Africa, including 7 to Cape Town operated by KLM and 19 as from 28 March (1 daily Paris-Johannesburg flight, 1 daily Amsterdam-Johannesburg flight and 5 weekly Amsterdam-Cape Town services).

To meet demand during the 2010 Football World Cup, Air France will be operating 3 additional weekly frequencies by Boeing 777 in June and July:

Paris-Johannesburg (AF994) leaving CDG 2E at 19:10 and arriving at 05:40 the following day

Johannesburg-Paris (AF997) leaving at 21:20 and arriving at 07:55 the following day.





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