Airsonett continues to focus on Clinical Research

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 12, 2010 15:29 CET

Simone Grethe Svensson has recently taken up her new position as Clinical Research Manager/Research Analyst for Airsonett. With this recruitment the Swedish company Airsonett strengthens its competence in the field of immunology. Airsonett is a research based medical technology company with a unique technology which leads the development of preventative and secondary preventative treatment of allergic asthma as well as management of airborne bacteria and virus contamination. - We have made large investments in clinical research during the last few years, which is quite unique for a MedTech company. The recruitment of Simone Grethe Svensson is in line with our long term focus on clinical research. Simone’s long experience of immunology and clinical trials is a valuable asset for us when we continue working with clinical trials in Sweden and internationally, says Pål Svensson, Chief Scientific Officer at Airsonett. Simone has a PhD in cellular biology and cancer research at Lund’s University, Sweden. Simone got her MSc at Lund’s University in cellular/molecular biology and immunology and she also has a German University degree (Diploma) in biology and biochemistry. Simone previously worked at A+Science as Clinical Research Associate where she managed clinical trials both in Sweden and abroad. Simone combines deep scientific and medical competence in immunology with several years of planning and managing laboratory work and clinical trials. For more information, please contact: Pål Svensson, Chief Scientific Officer, Airsonett AB, tel. +46 431 402533, e-post Simone Grethe Svensson, tel. +46 431 402536, e-post