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Aitellu's Insights Cloud takes big data analytics to next level

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 19, 2015 11:05 CEST

Aitellu's new product, Insights Cloud, uses unique algorithms to detect trends and deviations. Understanding deviations and anomalies in data is the fastest way to communicate in real time to an organisation that a decision has to be made. Aitellu’s data scientists are continuously researching and developing optimal algorithms and are adding these to Insights Cloud´s libraries. Aitellu is using deep learning techniques combined with machine learning and text mining in a unique combination.

“Insights Cloud is a unique tool to analyse large big data volumes with a simple interface. Anyone can easily use the built-in algorithms to find anomalies and trends in text and numerical data”, says CTO Henrik Gemoll

"In less than two years time, we have transformed our media monitoring business and big data consulting services, becoming a truly international Big Data analytics software company. We have packaged the components from years of research into a unique offering. Companies can now start using the power of big data at a fraction of the cost usually associated with data warehouse solutions, consulting work and data visualisation tools", says Daniel di Benedetto, VP Sales and Marketing

A new collaboration interface is built in along with the integration to smart and powerful search and filtering capabilities bringing the tool to a truly efficient operational level. This simplifies the way organisations traditionally would need to structure and build data warehouse solutions to get valuable insights from different data sources. Another new feature is the strategy module that supports setting up goals and track these goals using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model. An approach invented by Intel.

“Many global companies use OKR today including Google, Oracle, LinkedIn and Twitter. We wanted to add the possibility to set the insights in context, and the OKR model is great for this. By tracking the key results and actions, it is easy to get an overview of the progress.” says Henrik Gemoll

“In addition, combining analytics, content marketing and crawling techniques, the Insights Clouds module Marketing Insights, really takes marketing planning and execution to a new level.” Henrik continues

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Insight Analytics made Brilliantly Simple Aitellu Technologies AB

Aitellu came out of the work of technologists from Chalmers, one of the top two technology universities in Sweden, back in 2003. Artificial Intelligence was their way of perfecting the technology behind Business Analytics. Aitellu provides Analytics Solutions for Big Data as well as Insight to Digital Media and Social Media. It is based on Artificial Intelligence with unique text-mining capabilities. It includes deplaning, real sentiment analysis to understand positive and negative tendency of the content and more.

2003 grundades Aitellu ur arbete och forskning från några tekniska fysiker från Chalmers Tekniska Högskola. Artificiell Intelligens var deras sätt att förfina och automatisera teknologin bakom Business Analytics. Aitellu utvecklar Analys verktyg för Big Data, såväl strukturerad som ostrukturerad text från interna som externa källor. Bland annat har man förmågan att analysera sammanhörande information i både Social som Digital Media. Deep learning är en av teknikerna. Den unika text-mining funktionaliteten, inkluderar möjligheten att på digital väg får positiv och negativ tendensanalys av informationen.