ak28 presents "Courtesy ak28"

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 20, 2007 09:40 CET

ak28 presents "Courtesy ak28" - Two sofas to all fair visitors disposal at SUPERMARKET 22-25 February 2007 Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7, Stockholm

The structure of the art fair is quite disputed; in short it's about why at all use a commercially loaded/burdened and worn-out structure to present the self-organised contemporary art-scene. Can an art fair mediate real urgency? This year ak28 are not participating with an own stand but we would like to support the initiative and the somewhat limping fair-structure with two white mobile sofas. The sofas invite visitors for a few moments rest and conversation. They also present a focus in our practise that deals with participatory strategies on today's art scene.

Oyku Ozsoy presents the vibrant artist-run scene in pre-biennial Istanbul 2007 Friday 23 February 2007 14:00-15:00 in the Lounge

Oyku Ozsoy works as an assistant curator and programme coordinator at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul. She is one of the initiator of Alti Aylik which is an independent art project space located in Istanbul. She has been working as one of the coordinator of Black/North SEAS project initiated by intercult in Stockholm, Sweden since October 2006 and also making a research on the contemporary visual art scene in Sweden and Nordic countries. www.platform.garanti.com.tr www.platformgaranti.blogspot.com www.altiaylik.blogspot.com www.intercult.se

Canal invites all participants at SUPERMARKET 2007
Friday 23 February 2007
15:00 - 18:00 in the Lounge

Money changes everything: the impact of commerce on the artist-run space

Canal proposes 'Money changes everything: the impact of commerce on the artist-run space', a discussion set up to question and respond to the backdrop of Supermarket, a fair for artist-run spaces. After organizing an informal discussion titled 'The possibility of an artist-run space' in July 2005, in London, and gathering a range of observations and conclusions from the twenty people involved in it, Canal is interested in carrying on the discussion and debating such issues with artist-led initiatives mainly established in Scandinavian countries. Confronting contexts and exchanging considerations rather than falling into a debate about the funding situation is the aim of this event.

. Is the artist-run space a route into the commercial arena?
. What alternative can the artist-run space propose to the power structures of the art world? . Does commercial activity compromise criticality?


Presentations by
. Manuela Unverdorben and Ralf Homann of schleuser.net
. Ralf Homann on 'Free Class of Munich' and the project 'Jour Fix' . Per Hasselberg of Konsthall C (www.konsthallc.se)

. Felice Hapetzeder of ak28 (www.ak28.org)
. Natalya Pershina of Chto Delat (www.chtodelat.org)

. Canal

To all artist-run spaces and projects participating in Supermarket, as well as to visitors, to contribute to the debate

Co-ordination by Diana Kaur
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Adress: Krukmakargatan 28, SE-11852 Stockholm
Email: kontakt@ak28
Info: http://www.ak28.org