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How does one learn something as complex as a new language in four weeks? Lukas, one of the German co-founders and the brain behind the language concept, became fluent in Swedish within a matter of weeks after moving in with his Swedish girlfriend. He says ‘ I have taken Swedish courses, but never really felt like I was progressing. When I started making Swedish part of my life, I progressed without ever feeling like I was studying. But immersing yourself into a new language for 100 % requires a lot of focus under pressure. That is why we connect this intense learning to yoga and meditation to give some balance and to stay sharp during periods of stress.

Neo, founder at UrbanOm, and inspirational yoga teacher will tke the role of the performance coach. The intern will be subjected to a biofeedback tool to gage her / his personal ability to stay focused and balanced under stress and receive an individual suggested compilation of yoga classes and meditation at Urban OM.

The Akuō founders are German, and we have been telling out story as the rare expats entrepreneurs in Sweden on our guest column at Veckans Affärer, so this is a good fit with our image, too. And we have a close connection to a number of fellow expats from Germany, so creating contact points with natives is not a problem for us at all. We will make learning German a part of every situation for our intern., immerse her or him totally. We will also apply time-management and two minute meditation techniques that helped us perform as entrepreneurs in one of the most competitive industries around.

The intern will also get an exclusive insight into an exciting, growing startup that was voted one of Sweden’s hottest 71 startups by VA. And sit in on daily strategic meetings.

Fritz, one of the German co-founders, has seen the effect of the message we are sending out already: ‘ I see a lot of exciting CV’s every day now. As an entrepreneur building a team, that is a dream scenario. We are getting applications for other positions now, too.‘

‘The applications we are getting now are also of better fit than those that we have gotten for previous job postings.’

When we talked to people about our concept, one fear that many expressed was that they would have to blog and be the ‘face’ of our company in the media. But we are after their brains, not faces. 

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We are Six Beverages and we produce Akuō. 

Akuō is a green tea based focus drink with natural ingredients. It combines the theanine of matcha tea with caffeine to give you an energy and focus boost without the crash linked to the caffeine in coffee. Akuō is lightly carbonated, has a fresh green tea flavour and is a great coffee replacement for focus seekers.

Founded by Alumni from Handelshögskolan, we are expats and entrepreneurs. We write a guest column at Veckans Affärer about every day life as a non-swede and entrepreneur in Stockholm.