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Alite International recruits Digital Transformation Specialist Andrew Cordes to head UK Operations

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 03, 2017 09:00 CET

In his new position, Mr Cordes – who is highly experienced in digital transformation processes – will be responsible for building Alite’s team in the UK, based in London.

“I have heard directly from many UK business leaders that they are fatigued by traditional consulting models; weary of heavy discovery phases and large teams of consultants and the correspondingly large invoices,” Mr Cordes said. “Our clients expect us to create new value for their businesses, using digital technologies to serve their customers more effectively. Ultimately it's about improving our clients business performance and it's exactly this approach that attracted me to Alite.”

Mr Cordes has worked for several companies who have been real change agents in their own industries. He joined the Guardian in 1999, just as they launched Guardian Unlimited, which reinvented the online news format. Mr Cordes also worked for Sapient Nitro, as they created a whole new niche in the professional services space, as agency and consultancy culture fused together. Most recently, Mr Cordes was responsible for all strategic growth at Slalom Consulting in London.

“I've spent most of my career working with teams who are trying to create a paradigm shift in their own industry – which is rarely easy. I think it's time to do that again,” Andrew Cordes said. “When I first met Fredrik I was instantly impressed by his approach and my observation was, here's an entrepreneur building a new kind of consultancy, rather than a traditional consultancy trying to be more entrepreneurial. That made sense to me.”

Alite’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Fredrik Alstierna, is convinced that the recruitment of Andrew Cordes will further strengthen the company’s ability to attract new talent to the UK operation.

“As Alite is expanding its UK business, Andrew, with his extensive background in digital transformation, will provide us with a significant impact in building our team”, Fredrik Alstierna said.

Alite International is helping global companies to create digital revenues, either by developing existing business models, or by helping clients to create entirely new digital business models. Customers include companies in the insurance, publishing, telecoms and traditional industry, and are leaders in their field, conducting global operations. Alite International has since the start grown organically and has a presence in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia, Macedonia and England. The company employs around eighty people.

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Alite International is a global digital innovation consultancy that develops its clients' revenues with technology. We focus on creating digital revenues on existing business processes the customer already holds, or alternatively, creating entirely new processes based on technology. Alite International is engaged primarily by global companies and large organizations and was founded in 2014 by Fredrik Alstierna. The company has circa 80 employees and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Belgrade, Copenhagen, London, Skopje and Zurich. Read more at,

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