Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 14, 2010 09:57 CET

Fender’s Rumble series bass combo amps take a giant step forward with a redesigned series of five amps that significantly raise the line’s power and profile. Once offered in a range from 15 to 100 watts, the Rumble series now takes bassists from 15 to 350 watts of exemplary Fender bass tone and power.

Now available in 15, 30, 75, 150 and 350-watt configurations all boasting rugged Fender Special Design Speakers and easy portability, the Rumble series now presents the best sound, look, performance and value the series has ever offered. All models (except the Rumble 15) feature adjust-to-taste overdrive that can be blended with pure, clean bass tone for first-rate bass sound. The 1x10” Rumble 30 and 1x12” Rumble 75 models offer convenient tilt-back design for improved monitoring. The Rumble 75, 1x15” Rumble 150 and 2x10” Rumble 350 all boast special EQ features; the latter two also feature XLR outputs, high-frequency piezo horns with on/off switches, and ported enclosures.

The new Rumble series is smartly designed to cover today’s bass player with outstanding design and the features they really need and use in the real world, whether it’s for playing quietly at home or serious stage/studio work with serious power and performance requirements.

"Rumble is one of the best selling bass amp families in the world, said Jay Piccirillo, senior marketing manager Fender Bass Products. “This complete reinvention of the line is better looking, better sounding, more powerful, has more features and is lower priced.”

Great bass sound started with Fender back in the early 1950s, founding a tradition of sonic excellence that continues today with the all-new Rumble series. For more information, visit

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