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​All Science Centres in Norway invest in Swedish visualization technology to increase interest in science and technology among young people

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 17, 2015 12:42 CEST

With the aim of increasing young people's interest in science and technology, all the regional Norwegian science centers are investing in the Inside Explorer table, an interactive visualization table developed by Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, CMIV and Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping. With the help of the table over a million visitors a year will be able to explore authentic 3D data of everything from human anatomy to technical designs.

The interactive visualization table Inside Explorer allows visitors at museums, science centers and other educational environments to explore virtual objects which are 3D scanned using X-ray equipment, such as CT and microCT scanners, and other scanning technologies. Inside Explorer has attracted great attention in the international media and is currently used by recognized institutions worldwide.

- Inside Explorer will enrich our selection and now our visitors will be able to explore human anatomy in a way that has previously only been available in healthcare and research, says Geir Endre Gard, director of INSPIRIA science center in Sarpsborg, Norway.

- This is the largest delivery of Inside Explorer so far, and for us an important confirmation that there is a great demand for innovative educational products and a fantastic endorsement of the Inside Explorer system, says Thomas Rydell, CEO of Swedish based Interspectral that develops and sells Inside Explorer.

In Norway there are nine designated regional science centers, or “Vitensenter” in Norwegian. These centers are an important part of the Norwegian government initiative to increase young people's interest in science and technology. Every year these centers have over one million visitors, and as of June, they will be able to experience Inside Explorer.

- We chose the Inside Explorer Table because it gives us a very desirable addition to our school programs that focus on health, says Geir Endre Gard enthusiastically. It’s a very fascinating experience to interactively explore actual science data with the ability to zoom and cut into it to reveal greater insight

These visualization tables will be used in both exhibitions and educational programs. Because the tables will be updated regularly with new content, visitors will gain access to fresh knowledge in areas such as anatomy, animals, natural history, cultural history and technology.

The visualization tables are to be delivered as a complete solution and will become operational in the summer of 2015. The science centers that ordered Inside Explorer are:

  • Du Verden Sjøfartsmuseum og Vitensenter, Porsgrunn
  • Inspiria Science Center, Grålum
  • Jærmuseet – Vitenfabriken, Sandnes
  • Nordnorsk Vitensenter, Tromsø
  • Vil Vite, Bergen
  • Vitensentret, Trondheim
  • Vitensentret Innlandet, Gjøvik
  • Vitensentret Sørlandet, Arendal
  • Vitensentret Teknisk Museum, Oslo
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