All-time high at OMX Nordic Exchange

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 01, 2007 14:14 CET

A new all-time high in share trading value was recorded at OMX Nordic Exchange in January. On January 25, the share trading value was SEK 76.2 billion (previous record: SEK 74.0 billion on April 21, 2006). The strong start to the year resulted in a new record in number of trades for the month, with an average of 165,819 per business day (previous record: 161,711 trades per day, May, 2006).

Strongest growth for Information technology and Materials sectors
The two sectors with the strongest growth in January were Information technology and Materials. The trading value for these sectors increased by 105% and 60% respectively, compared to previous month.

Continued strong growth for ETF and Unit trust products
Last year’s strong growth for Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs, and Unit trust products continues at an even greater rate. Trading volumes in January were 60% higher than the average for 2006. The daily average trading value in January was SEK 1.3 billion, as compared to SEK 829 million in 2006.

Trading in January
The value of average daily share trading amounted to SEK 46.1 billion, as compared to SEK 39.1 billion during the past 12-month period. The average number of trades per business day amounted to 165,819, as compared to 128,594 during the past 12-month period. The average daily trading volume in Swedish, Finnish and Danish equity and fixed-income derivative products amounted to 622,074 contracts, as compared to 552,598 contracts during the past 12-month period.

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