An app that can help anyone with a sweet tooth or sugar addiction ?

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 28, 2015 09:10 CEST

An app that can help anyone with a sweet tooth or sugar addiction ?

TWOACT sugar, an app professionally developed together with qualified partners and people who have had eating disorder or a sugar addiction.

The app is created as a therapy session packaged in an app, all you need is a smart-phone to get started. Acknowledge, identify and monitor your behavior to able to make a change.

There is a real need of a product like this from TWOACT. People use comfort food as a medication for most shortcomings. We are that support, making you aware of your beahviour. TWOACT sugar is a “help to self help”. Our products are all based upon the well known and proven methodology Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.The app makes you aware of how to better handle and act around your sugar and sweet needs.

We offer a tool which you carry along with you everywhere you are. We are the supporting friend tagging along side helping you out.

By acknowledging how to change our behavior and how we respond to our feelings we are aware of triggers and signals to better handle and act upon these events.

We are TWOACT, here to help people take charge of their situation. Our two step solution is easy. First you screen your situation and secondly you act upon the result showed. It´s that simple.

For more information, you’re welcome to contact Jonas Svensson, CEO.
@. or ph. +46 (0)702-632 447,


TWOACT is Swedish company based on the Swedish west coast. Founded by Jonas Svensson, an experienced therapist with almost 20 years of behavior and addiction experience TWOACT is run by a small and dedicated team. TWOACT's products have all been developed with established and accredited organizations and professionals within each area.

“The solution for a conscious change”