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Anyone can analyse their data with LEANalyser!

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2018 07:00 CET

The secrets of improving efficiency and competitive strength are often buried in the organisation’s data or in external databases.

At the same time as data sources and data volumes are increasing exponentially, the workload for professional analysts is also growing. They are already heavily booked, and recruiting their services is not easy.

One solution could be to make it possible for interested workers – who are not IT professionals – to do the analysis work themselves.

Software that supports the complete analysis process has now been now launched after 4 years of research and development by LEANalyser AB, a start-up company based in Stockholm and Helsinki. The software, called LEANalyser, gives anybody the tools to perform their own analysis. Without assistance.

Unique to LEANalyser is the ability with ONE (1) tool to easily collect data from multiple sources in the user’s own analysis database, and to prepare the data and perform the analysis. It may not sound much – but it is in fact unique!

It is made possible by

  • Advanced analysis functionality
  • Extremely short response times even with large data volumes
  • Unique data preparation facilities enabling non-expert users to create an analysis database
  • Simple startup
  • The software runs on a desktop computer, Windows or Mac.
  • Practically syntax-free functions. No programming required.
  • Clean and attractive user experience

The creators of LEANalyser have long experience of building analysis software and practical involvement in helping organizations with challenges in Big Data and Business Intelligence. Starting with a blank paper, a combination of experience, components, external discoveries and a good dose of creative thinking, the result is an analysis product that no other supplier can match.

A virtual start-up has become LEANalyser AB. Welcome to visit us at leanalyser.com, or contact Tomas Nabel by mail at tomas@leanalyser.com, phone +46 70 752 92 00.

With our analytics software LEANalyser, we are enabling the workers – who are not IT professionals – to do the analysis work themselves.