Anytec launches two new boat models – Anytec A21 och Anytec A27C

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 31, 2018 11:25 CEST

The Swedish boat manufacturer Anytec launches two new boat models at the Swedish boat show, Allt på Sjön in Gustavsberg. The open Anytec A21 and the Anytec A27C, the latest generation of cabin boat.

- We’re proud to present two completely new boat models that combine the best of design, performance and comfort, says David Stenlund, CEO of Anytec Sweden AB.

Designed with the robust and popular hull for the Anytec A27, but adapted to offer a stylish and spacious cabin, the Anytec A27C offers fast transports through all waters. When the weather turns, through lashing winds and rough waves, the A27C offers an unmatched level of freedom and a joy of driving that is hard to find elsewhere. The geography of Sweden with its different waters and four distinct seasons mean that the challenges are both shifting and diverse. There is a need for a boat that can deliver in all situation, all year. The A27C meets the need for fast transports in coastal regions, without sacrificing safety or comfort.

- We’re constantly working on improving and renewing our boats. The new Anytec A21 is as elegant as it is powerful, in a size class that is attractive to a wide demographic, says David Stenlund.

The A21 is a versatile model that enters all situations with perfect balance. With its soft hull shape it cuts smoothly through the water with good grip. A boat that is as elegant as it is powerful, with beautiful lines and up to 225 horsepower in the stern. Comfort is high throughout the boat, for boat driver and passengers. When on board you’ll be met by spacious social spaces and smart details. A bathing platform is one of the many attributes that makes A21 into a perfect boat for your family and friends, regardless of whether you’re seeking adventure or simply longing for quiet days among the islands.

More information and photos can shortly be found at, Facebook (@anytec) and Instagram (@anytecsweden). 

Anytec är idag ett växande företag med gamla anor i båtbyggarkulturens Öregrund. Med huvudkontoret i Sverige och den egna fabriken i Lettland bygger vi idag världens främsta aluminiumbåtar. Vårt unika skrov är utan jämförelse det kraftigaste på marknaden och vi har samma kvalitetsfilosofi från vår minsta modell till den allra största.