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Apetit Festival 2014

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 13, 2014 15:08 CEST

Zdeněk Pohlreich, Roman Paulus, Dalibor Navrátil or  Riccardo Lucque are not only well known celebrity chefs  but they are also the main stars of the 4th year of Apetit Festival in Plzeň. All food lovers can  enjoy  this food celebration at  OC Plzeň Plaza shopping center in Plzeň  on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18, 2014 in Pilsen. And there is so much to look forward to this year! Traditional competitions of restaurants and breweries as every year, a chance to taste fresh ,edible flowers or insect food  as well as to  experience molecular gastronomy and  Food cup Czech Specials 2014, a newly launched competition .

More restaurants, breweries, abroader selection of  delicious food and a higher  quality of services. The organizers of the  4th year of Apetit Festival have taken good care to ensure all of the above as well as the participation  of the  best chefs,  a broad selection  of delicious food, great drinks and superb entertainment.

“Last year’s record number of 32 000 visitors has motivated us to make more improvements. Cooking demonstrations will be presented by the real top chefs. You will get a chance to see Zdeněk Pohlreich, who has been involved since the first year of the festival. Other star guests include Roman Paulus thanks to whom  Alcron restaurant has been awarded the Michelin Star for the third time; Dalibor Navrátil, the knight of the French Order  of the Chaine des Rotisseurs;  and  also Veronika KOKO Kokešová, FOODblogger of the year  2013.  Visitors can also look forward to Italian cuisine as prepared by Riccardo  Lucque, an Italian chef, who has gained  a lot of experience abroad and is the owner of several prestigious Italian restaurants in Prague,” says Petr  Jirásek of  Pigs Production, the festival organizer.  

Visitors will  be able to vote for the "West-Bohemian Restaurant of the Year 2014“ out of a careful selection of  15 TOP quality restaurants and also for  the  “Beer of the Apetit Festival Plzeň 2014“ out of 20 competing breweries and microbreweries. In 2013,  Saloon Roudná won the award of the West-Bohemian Restaurant of the Year 2013 and Pašák brewery won in the brewery section of the competition. Apart from the menus offered by the competing restaurants, there will be other restaurants, cafés, bars, and wine sellers offering their products to food lovers. “This year we will have 5 new restaurants and 3 breweries to participate. Food cup Czech Specials is a new competition  section that will be launched. Its goal is to present the culinary wealth of the Czech Republic and the following restaurants will take part in it: U Salzmannů, Švejk and  Stará Sladovna. Each of these  restaurants will prepare a dish inspired by one of the typical local ingredients from the West Bohemia region,“ Petr Jirásek explains.

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