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Apis launches On-Line Training

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 12, 2010 10:40 CET

Customers see Dramatic Cost Reductions in Mobile Technology Training

Stockholm, Sweden – 12th February 2010 – Apis, a world leading competence provider in the telecoms sector, today introduced ground-breaking on-line training that dramatically reduces the overall costs of technology training by enabling students to train anywhere and any place at their own pace.

“Many of our customers wanted Apis’ quality training in combination with the cost advantages and flexibility of e-learning but they also recognised that traditional e-learning formats had failed to work for advanced technology training”, said Edvin Ruud, President and CEO of Apis. “So the challenge for Apis was substantial; to develop an e-learning format that were as effective and engaging as our renowned classroom training.”

Apis is known in the industry for providing best-in-class mobile technology training and uses a proprietary methodology to maximise knowledge acquisition and retention. The on-line training is based on this methodology in combination with HD video as a format to create a virtual classroom experience. Apis has built a custom designed recording studio and deployed the latest dynamic streaming technologies to maximise the end user’s viewing quality.

The on-line training trials have been extremely successful with participants expressing great satisfaction with this new form of e-learning that keeps them active, engaged and enthusiastic for the duration of the training. Apis will now pilot the on-line training with selected customers before making a global release later in the year.

At the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Apis will showcase its LTE/SAE System Overview and IMS and SIP Signalling with UMTS Access on-line courses, each of 10 to 12 hours duration. Results from the pilot trials indicate that the typical participant with ease would complete these courses in ten days, studying approximately 1 hour per day.

“Many of my customers are very excited about this new concept”, said Alexis Atterberg, Sales Director Southern Europe. “Like many other companies, Apis experimented with animated e-learning productions already 10 years ago and drew the conclusion that it simply did not meet the needs of the industry when it came to advanced technology training. We are now finally in a position to offer excellent on-line training thanks to a clever combination of Apis’ methodology and the latest advances of dynamic streaming technologies.”

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Apis is one of the world's leading independent competence providers in the mobile telecoms sector. Apis course contents are based on product independent industry standards, thus providing an unbiased understanding of the topics and an indispensible complement to product training. Since 1997 Apis has delivered training to more than 30,000 participants from over 300 companies in 77 countries.

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