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AppGate implements web filter for Windows Mobile phones

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 06, 2007 14:10 CET

February 06, 2007
Stockholm, Sweden

AppGate Network Security has developed a way to secure and filter web traffic from smartphones by routing traffic through the AppGate server. This way a company can control and secure users access to the Internet.

With the increasing adoption of smartphones, more and more users now have the opportunity to surf the Internet using their phones. Companies, on the other hand, want access via mobile phone to be as secure as it is for all other devices. With the AppGate solution, it is now possible to control Internet surfing, effectively making sure that all Internet access from mobile phones is sent through the company's control system, such as Webwasher.

AppGate provides a true Mobile solution that enables users of mobile devices such as smartphones to securely access all resources inside an enterprises internal network, not only email. The ability to access the Intranet, synchronise calendars and download attachments in a secure way are among the features in the solution. By adding secure web filtering, another possible security breach is limited.

According to AppGates CEO Goran Marby, "Mobile devices have moved on from just being able to access push emails, and they now provide users with fast, easy to use remote access functionality. However, mobile devices also present a significant security threat to enterprise networks as malware and spam attacks are increasing. With our new secure web filtering functionality, and features such as automatic roaming between wireless and mobile networks, and two-factor authentication, AppGate is by far the most advanced Mobile Security solution today."

The AppGate system makes it possible to integrate all types of access: Mobile, PC/Mac, PDA, in one single solution without having to accept reduced security or functionality. The users will get exactly the access they need when they need it - no more and no less. One set of users might be restricted to downloading e-mail and synchronizing their calendars on their mobile phones, while others who are running the required AV software on their mobile devices might have access to SAP and the CRM system as well.

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