AppGate Network Security AB

AppGate Network Security makes their security server available on OpenSolaris

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 10, 2008 11:36 CEST

With OpenSolaris, AppGate sees an increasing opportunity to provide better support and service for its customers as full access to all the source code in the system is available. Developers are also able to see how certain functionality is implemented inside the operating system and can therefore adapt functionality accordingly with better performance and better quality as a result.

Specific features within OpenSolaris also enable AppGate to benefit from functionality in the system that supports faster deployment of new features, like file access.

"We can now make virtual machines available to our customers as well as deploy distributions of patches to all customers much faster than before", says Tomas Olovsson, CTO at AppGate. "The "openness" also provides the possibility to make "snapshots" of old versions of the system on the fly. With OpenSolaris it is possible to effortlessly save backups regularly and even do a "factory reset" in a much easier way", Olovsson continues.

"We are extremely pleased with AppGate's adoption of OpenSolaris and are excited by the value OpenSolaris delivers to customers," said Julius Lukacs, Senior Director, Market Development at Sun Microsystems. "The value of OpenSolaris is dynamically and rapidly increasing through members' and Sun's contributions to the OpenSolaris community, and helps customers deal with their most pressing business issues."
OpenSolaris as part of AppGate's strategy makes it possible to provide customers with a product compatible with the world's leading open source platforms. OpenSolaris is a perfect fit for AppGate towards full Open Source.

As always AppGate security servers build on existing proven functionality such as:

• Application Layer Firewall
• Mobile & Fixed VPN
• Granular & Role based Access
• End-point Security Control