Arbetslösheten i Sverige och EU kan halveras. SelfieJobs på Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 27, 2017 09:14 CET

SelfieJobs estimates that as much as 4% of the unemployed can have a job but are missing out because of failure of existing job boards and matching. This means that the average unemployment rate in Europe of 8.5% could be cut in half. In Sweden alone cutting the 7.8% to 4% would mean around 200 000 new jobs. In Germany 2 million and likely even more in Italy and Spain. Jobs that would contribute to peace and prosperity.

SelfieJobs and next generation of a job-boards role is to create a marketplace that is frictionless thereby enabling companies to come up with those new jobs and internships.
Next generation of job-boards and marketplaces

  • Fast. The fastest marketplace on earth. Up with a job-ad or CV that is relevant within a minute or two instead of 1-2 hours up to a week in legacy systems*
  • Jobs nearby. To save time and increase the quality of life. Job seekers can now apply for jobs seeing actual travel time as criteria. This contributes to a less clogged city and better quality of life.
  • Personality as a competitive advantage.Rookies and new arrivals can compete with energy and enthusiasm using pictures and video.
  • Competition. Job seekers can increase their chances by improving their profiles and rating.

"Creating jobs and simplify job-search is now a peace project says Martin Tall CEO and founder of SelfieJobs in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. Our estimate is that we can cut European union unemployment rate in half using the next generation job boards like SelfieJobs"

Meet Martin Tall CEO and founder for a speed meet or interview in Barcelona Feb 25-March2 2017. +46701708090

Example of Legacy Job-boards challenged by SelfieJobs and other startups

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