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ArcCore AB signs major agreement with OEM

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 16, 2013 07:00 CEST


Gothenburg, Sweden - ArcCore has signed a framework agreement with a world leading vehicle manufacturer to use ArcCore’s complete product portfolio in all its Advanced Technology & Research programs. “The framework agreement gives the vehicle manufacturer the possibility to use our products to build knowledge and technology readiness in an open atmosphere”, says Michael Svenstam, Vice President Sales.

The agreement includes the use of ArcCore solutions both for AUTOSAR version 3.1 and for version 4.x. AUTOSAR is the leading open standard for Automotive ECU development acknowledged and adopted by all major OEMs. Included in the new agreement the vehicle manufacturer can leverage on the AUTOSAR BSW embedded software platform and the complete embedded development tool chain including plugins for configuring and generating a complete ECU solution.

The innovative business model introduced by ArcCore in 2009 when launching its Autosar product line based upon an open source approach is now well accepted and acknowledged within the industry. The open business model gives the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers the possibility to use our products in wider and more open perspective opening for adaptions and extensions to our platform based upon their knowhow “We see this as a win-win situation where ArcCore can obtain qualified inputs to its continued roadmap development and the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are offered access to an open, fully flexible and scalable set of products including an embedded platform and leading set of embedded development tools.”, says Magnus Lindahl CEO of ArcCore.

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Based on the growing Open Source community and the rapidly increasing number of customers that acknowledge the modern business model of dual licensing – offering both an easy-to-get and easy-to-use Open Source distribution and a commercial product for commercial projects – ArcCore continues to quickly expand its business in the automotive market providing embedded software platforms and development tools based on the AUTOSAR standard. For more information visit