Art Clinic selected Airsonett as supplier for their new private hospital

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 05, 2010 11:52 CEST

Art Clinic has decided to build a brand new hospital with three state of the art operating theaters and 18 ward and examination rooms, in Jönköping, Sweden. The construction of the hospital will take place in 2011 and the total area is estimated to be 2 500 square meters. The opening of the hospital is planned for Spring 2011.

In this new hospital, highly specialized orthopedic surgery, including spinal surgery, will be performed in parallel with cosmetic surgery of various kinds. In both types of surgery, it is extremely important that the operations take place in an environment as free as possible from bacteria. 

"We are both pleased and proud that Art Clinic, after a careful evaluation and with the help of expertise in the area, chose our Opragon system. We will install the ventilation system for the entire surgical department including the operating theatres. There are other areas which also need good ventilation and requiring low levels of bacteria, such as the sterile department and sterile supply room. These areas will also be included our ventilation installation. We install this complete solution in a reliable and secure manner. " says Peter Ekolind, Marketing and Sales Director at Airsonett AB.

Airsonett is a research based medical device company with a unique technology pioneering the development of non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma as well as management of airborne bacteria and virus contamination. Airsonett was awarded the title Sweden’s MedTech Company of the Year 2009.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Ekolind, Sales and Marketing, Airsonett AB,
Tel: 46 (0) 431 402 539, e-mail peter.ekolind @

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