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Artists Caught by [Umeå] winners announced

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 09, 2013 14:30 CET

During 2013 Europe and the rest of the world got the chance to interpret the northern room through the contest Artists Caught by [Umeå], named after the Umeå2014 European tour Caught by [Umeå]. The challenge was to explore and interpret Umeå and the north of Sweden through design, photography and film. Three winners have now been chosen.

“Dark snowfall” is a photograph submitted by Andrea Comalini who lives next to Lake Como in Italy, where he works as a police officer. He is schooled in art history and a dedicated amateur photographer. In the photo “Dark snowfall” André Comalini expresses the contemplation of nature and praises the beauty and magic of winter.

“Your Umeå pack” is a package of local Umeå information where visiting guests can inform themselves about Umeå and also insert personal memories and photographs from their visit. The Umeå design package is done by an artist and design collective from Warsaw. One of the members has studied at the Umeå Institute of Design. The three members are Hanna Ferenc, Joanna Pruchnicka and Michalina Musielak.

“Cloud Dancers” by Liset van Dommelen. Her image of the hesitant bathers in the fresh waters of the Torne River is described as a moment where magic and reality melds together. Liset describes herself as a conceptual artist, is from Holland and says that all of her photographs also symbolizes an insight into her own life.

Over 500 entries were submitted and the winners have been chosen by a renowned jury from eight European countries.

"Artists Caught by [Umeå] achieved a very competitive level, especially in the photo and design categories. Participating as a judge was an inspiring experience and I am proud to see that the finalist panel represents so well the spirit of our region," says Demian Horst, Programme Director at the Umeå Institute of Design and one of the jurors.

The prize consisting of 3,000 euros will be awarded during a VIP dinner February 1, 2014 in Umeå during the official opening of the Capital of Culture year.

See all the winning submissions here:

Members of the jury:

Contact details:

Anna Olofsson
Marketing manager Umeå municipality
+46 70 6520656

Karin Arvidsson 
European marketing manager, Umeå2014
+46 705 870 603

Umeå has been appointed European Capital of Culture 2014. Each year EU appoints two cultural capitals of Europe, with the aim of highlighting our shared cultural heritage and stimulate interest in the cultural riches of the countries in the EU. In Umeå  this award is an important part of the municipality's long-term growth strategy. This will create a greater interest in the city and its stakeholders, and contribute to culture-driven growth.