ARTOTEC - Municipal Technology - KISTA Science City - Art City

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Municipal Technology - KISTA - Stockholm
Science City - Art City

17th - 18th november 2010

Stand B20 - Road description

EasyFairs KOMMUNALTEKNIK is showing all the technology needed for the public sector.
During two intense days, you can do business, meet colleagues, network and educate yourself in: Parks & green spaces, Streets & Maintenance, Environmental technology, etc...

Welcome and meet us on 17th-18th of November. Exhibitors and seminars covering future solutions in parks & green space and environmental technology. The fair is broad and gives you a good perspective of the new opportunities and new technologies.

Location & Opening hours:
Kista, Stockholm
17-18 November 2010
November 17 9 am to 4 pm
November 18 9 am to 4 pm


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Exhibition information:

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  • ARTOTEC /Research
  • ARTOTEC International

ARTOTEC´s innovative playgrounds and urban furniture with [Art & Technology].

ARTOTEC’s innovative recreational equipments called Recreational Sculptures has been created with health and safety, aesthetic, social and educative aspects in mind. The Recreational Sculptures comply with high technical requirements which are the trademark of present and future creations by ARTOTEC.

ARTOTEC is a network of  plastic artists, designers, landscapers, architects, urban developers, ergonomists, scientists, engineers, producers, labourers and qualified entrepreneurs who all work towards the creation and realization of recreational, environmental, creative and innovative playgrounds.

Our products are easily accessible, integrated in the environment and leave a mark etched in a curved line as a signature for quality.

ARTOTEC pays particular attention and consideration to:-the fantasy and curiosity of children -the perspective and aspiration of children -the evolution of children whatever their social background and the development of physical activities -the children’s strength and energy during intensive moments of activity.

ARTOTEC is as well an organization with its own network of experts from different spheres including Technology, Science and Art.

ARTOTEC aims at promoting the creation a educational games for children in a new free space.

ARTOTEC a signature for quality!