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ASICS Sportstyle and Onitsuka Tiger To Become a Single Brand: Onitsuka Tiger

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 18, 2012 14:19 CET

Spring – summer 2013 will see the merge of current ASICS Lifestyle brands ASICS SportStyle & Onitsuka Tiger, into one sole brand; Onitsuka Tiger.

ASICS SportStyle and Onitsuka Tiger trainers have always carried the instantly recognisable “Tiger Stripe” design, which has caused confusion in the marketplace and mixed brand indentity. The decision to merge the two lifestyle brands is to alleviate this confusion and create stronger recognition of the Onitsuka Tiger brand in the minds of consumers. It will also strengthen Onitsuka Tiger’s position as a global ‘sports-inspired – fashion’, brand; moulding the Japanese heritage of Onitsuka Tiger with the innovations of ASICS SportStyle.

The ‘new’ Onitsuka Tiger brand will be at the forefront of fashion and design, with the latest product innovations, details and intricate finishes. This means that the ASICS footwear portfolio will now consist of two brand names, ASICS (performance) and Onitsuka Tiger (lifestyle). Each will be positioned almost entirely separately, to strengthen individual brand indentity, in line with the fact each brand should cater for a completely different consumer need.

To date, ASICS SportStyle has represented a passage in the Onitsuka Tiger – ASICS family history, providing a collection of retro, sports-inspired trainers that bridge the gap between performance and fashionable footwear. Styles have always been inspired by back catalogues, mixing a reintroduction of direct remakes with contemporary new styles, resulting in fashion footwear based on the designs of professional and recreational athletes. Technological developments of ‘yesterday’ became, and have remained, a classic design influence of the SportsStyle brand – including some of the most important advances in footwear technology, such as the ground breaking GEL cushioning which is now in its 25th successful year.

Onitsuka Tiger has remained the more fashion forward footwear collection from ASICS, boasting incredible Japanese craftsmanship, unique designs and varied colourways & finishes. The history of Onitsuka Tiger began with the establishment of Onitsuka Co, Ltd. in 1949, the forerunner to the modern day ASICS brand. Based on Mr. Onitsuka’s philosophy of bringing up a sound youth through sports, the company has maintained the tradition of specialising in the manufacture of sports shoes using original ideas and applying epoch-making techniques.

In 2013, Onitsuka Tiger will fuse direct remakes of its back catalogue along with additions from the ASICS SportStyle brand to create a fresh representation of the modern metropolitan Japan, reflecting the innovative & original spirit of the combined brands. The Onitsuka Tiger brand will continue to tell the stories of its unique Japanese heritage and eastern and western influences, to produce fashion forward trainer styles that showcase expert craftsmanship and unique design techniques. Comfort is never sacrificed for style as a result. This philosophy is at the core of every new season’s designs and will remain a focus for Onitsuka Tiger at this next stage for the brand, which will continue to develop its core collection & premium footwear styles, as well as apparel.

Onitsuka Tiger designar lifestyleskor som attraherar den urbana modepubliken runtom i hela världen. Vintagemodeller som skapades under 1900-talets senare hälft omformas, utvecklas och anpassas för nutidens trender men behåller ändå sitt grunduttryck som tryggt står cementerat i japansk tradition och hantverk.